Our Company

The company at the present time

Transportes Quiñonero can be used as a reference of punctuality and effectiveness in logistic services in general. As operators of integral services of transportation, we continue offering the maximum quality, speed and reliability adapting our working activities according to the legal dispositions given by LOTT.

In order to improve our responsibilities we count with a greater coverage on good insurances, as well as risk insurance that reinforce our recognized reliability.

Empresa en la actualidad

Our past

Transportes Quiñonero acquired their commitment in 1961under some principles that remain intact. Norms like clarity, transparency and personalization of the service have been a constant in our trajectory.

The necessity to be informed of the last novelties, changes and improvements of the sector led us to be inaugural partner of Cataluña – Transcalit (Transeco) Transport Federation in its birth year.


Empresa en el pasado

Our future vision

Our future view is to increase our presence in the European market, based on the adaptation and constant improvement of our resources and offering the maximum professional performance.

We are giving the first steps in obtaining the ISO 9001 as well as the installation of GPS in all our vehicles, to supplement and to speed up the remote pursuit and localization of their goods.

Empresa futuro